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Aluminium is being increasingly used as an alternative to wood in making doors and windows due to it’s overall superiority. Aluminium is a metal in nature and therefore is much more solid and highly durable than woods.

In terms of weight, aluminium is lighter as compared to woods which render the aluminium doors much easier to use and operate.

Wooden materials may not withstand high heat whereas aluminium does not burn and is therefore
fire resistant.

Wooden doors require regular pests control treatment whilst aluminium doors are pests free and thus easier to maintain.

Aluminium by nature is corrosion-resistant and is able to withstand salty air making it a much better door option especially for buildings located in the coastal areas.

In addition, aluminium is more environmental friendly as the material is highly recyclable in nature as compared to woods, consistent with the go-green concept.

Last but not least, aluminium is much more flexible in nature which allows it to be bent into different shapes. As such, more options are available when come to design of the final products.